With over four years of dedicated commitment and excellent service, "NATEKAR SPORTS –THE ONE STOP SPORTS SHOP in Pune " , has been setting standards and pioneering the best in sports goods, accessories and fitness equipment.

Started in 2002, by the Natekar family that boasts of the best combination of sports stars from Pune, Natekar is a name today that is synonymous with quality and trust. Mr. Nandu Natekar an 8 time National Badminton champion, Arjuna Awardee and a legend of Indian sport. His son, Gaurav Natekar is a 3 time national Tennis champion, double Asian Games Gold medalist, Davis cupper and Arjuna Awardee who has represented India in various international tournaments for over 10 years. Arati Ponnappa Natekar is a 4-time National Ladies Tennis champion and has represented India in international events for over 10 years.
With such a strong footing in the industry, the Natekar family's foray into the market of sports goods, accessories and fitness equipment was inevitable. Our journey thus far has been very rewarding and we have only our customers to thank for it. Natekar Sports venture into e-retailing is in line with our corporate objective of providing the best of Sports goods, accessories and fitness equipment to our customers in Pune and across the country.

From humble beginnings Natekar Sports has risen to the highest echelons in the sports goods, accessories and fitness equipment industry. With the sky as its limit, Natekar Sports aims at an overall excellence in our customer shopping experience in our store (physical/virtual). Our products - Sports goods, accessories and Fitness Equipment cater to all the requirements without any compromise on quality. All our products are available at honest prices. Natekar Sports is proud to announce a partnership with TheSportsCampus.com - 'The World's Favourite Playground' to take our customer experience all over India.

Hope to see you very soon! Enjoy your shopping at Natekar Sports outlets in Pune and
our online store, revel in the glory of a shopping experience here at Natekar Sports!

Gaurav Natekar (Managing Director) - Natekar Sports, Pune.